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Malpractice Cases Involving Cerebral Palsy By emachado on November 19, 2014

Doctor holding a newborn babyWhen people go to doctors for medical care, they should feel confident knowing that the safest and most advanced techniques are being practiced. When a doctor fails to live up to those expectations, the results can be devastating, possibly resulting in long-term conditions and/or disabilities. It can be especially devastating when a doctor’s poor or negligent practices affect a baby or small child. A birth injury can set a child up for a lifetime of pain and/or difficulty and it is important to hold a doctor accountable when such negligent care is provided. At Rubin, Machado, and Rosenblum, our Chicago attorneys are experienced in cerebral palsy cases.

Causes of Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder that affects muscle control and body movement. This is an incurable condition that can also lead to problems with speech, hearing, and vision. The cause of cerebral palsy is brain damage, which is usually due to a lack of oxygen either before, during, or after labor. While there are many situations that can lead to cerebral palsy, in some cases, this lifelong injury could have been prevented with proper medical attention and care. The following complications that may arise during childbirth are potential causes of cerebral palsy:

  • Fetal distress that is not recognized or treated by the doctor
  • Improper use of birthing equipment
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Seizures

If a parent suspects that his or her child’s case of cerebral palsy has been caused by medical practice involving any of the above labor complications, it is very important to seek expert advice.

Filing a Malpractice Suit

Unfortunately, cerebral palsy is an injury that causes permanent disability. Some of the symptoms of cerebral palsy, such as seizures, muscle atrophy, and speech problems, can be controlled with the use of behavioral and/or drug therapy. While treatment can help to improve the quality of life for someone suffering from cerebral palsy, it brings about a great deal of expenses that will continue to be necessary throughout the patient’s lifetime. If wrongful or negligent treatment from a doctor has caused a patient to suffer from cerebral palsy, it is important that they be held responsible so that these medical expenses do not burden the family. A malpractice lawsuit can help to prove accountability so that financial compensation can be sought for the following damages:

  • Medical expenses that have been accrued
  • Future medical expenses
  • Cost of any necessary medical equipment (e.g. a wheelchair)
  • Potential loss of wages or wage-earning potential throughout the patient’s lifetime
  • Pain and suffering

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If you have a child that suffers from cerebral palsy and you believe the condition was caused by an avoidable complication during labor, contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your case and learn more about your legal options. The attorneys at Rubin, Machado, and Rosenblum are experienced in birth injury malpractice cases and will work hard to ensure that you receive the financial compensation you and your child deserve.

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