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Causes of Motorcycle Accidents: What to Watch Out For By emachado on January 20, 2015

The aftermath of a motorcycle accidentThe lawyers of Rubin, Machado & Rosenblum Ltd. in Chicago are committed to helping injury victims and their loved ones following serious auto accidents. Motorcyclists who are injured are especially in need of legal help given how vulnerable they are on the road. Here are a few common causes of motorcycle accidents to consider.

Speeding and Reckless Driving

Speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, and other dangerous behaviors by a motorcyclist or by other motorists on the road can increase the chances of a serious collision occurring. Be sure to observe all rules of the road and to drive cautiously and at the proper speed limit.

Inattentive Fellow Motorists

A number of motorcycle accidents are caused by other drivers failing to note motorcyclists in their rearview mirrors or their side mirrors. These types of collisions can cause major injuries to motorcyclists. It's best for motorcyclists to stay out of other drivers' blind spots as best as they can to avoid accidents such as these.

Drunk Driving

Driving drunk is never a good idea. It slows down your reflexes, impairs your decision-making skills, and makes serious accidents more likely to occur. Never drive drunk or allow your friends and family members to drive drunk. Make sure that you are completely sober and well-rested before operating any sort of vehicle.

Driver Inexperience

It can take some time driving a motorcycle before you are completely comfortable operating it. This is why it's important for motorcyclists to take things cautiously and slowly when they first start out. Familiarizing yourself with your vehicle is the best way to avoid major mishaps.

Mechanical Problems and Defects

Sometimes the issue isn't the driver or other drivers but the vehicle itself. If a motorcycle was poorly designed or if the parts of a motorcycle are defective, serious accidents can occur. Be sure to pay attention to potential warnings or recalls when it comes to your vehicle or any vehicle parts, which includes brake components and tires.

Bad Weather

Whether it's rain, snow, sleet, or fog, bad weather make things dangerous for everyone on the road. It's important that you plan ahead when traveling in inclement weather, avoiding it when you can. If you do have to travel when weather is poor, be sure to drive cautiously and slowly.

Poor Road Conditions

When a road is not properly maintained or features a great deal of structural damage, it can pose a number of major threats to motorists. This could be anything from poor lighting, malfunctioning traffic signals, cracks and potholes in the road surface, and so forth. Be careful when traveling on roads that are damaged or poorly maintained.

Our Legal Team Is Here for Your

If you are a motorcyclist injured as a result of another person's negligence, it's important that you come to our legal team to learn more about all of your legal options. We will help you receive just compensation for the injuries that you have sustained and the losses that you have had to endure.

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