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Causes of Commercial Trucking Accidents By emachado on May 18, 2015

A truck overturned after an accidentThe lawyers at Rubin, Machado & Rosenblum are committed to the victims of serious injuries throughout the greater Chicago area. Our team believes that the rights of injury victims are of the utmost importance, which is why we fight hard for just compensation following auto accidents that result in serious or fatal injuries.

Truck accidents can be especially devastating to accident victims and their loved ones. Let's take a moment to look at some common causes of truck accidents.

Jackknife Truck Accidents

Jackknife truck accidents are the kinds of truck accidents that involve the folding of a trailer on an articulated vehicle. If you picture a pocket knife folding in on itself, this helps you understand what is involved in these kinds of accidents. When this occurs, the trailer can swerve into other lanes, resulting in major multi-vehicle accidents. These accidents are most commonly caused by poor braking technique or improper braking methods, slippery roads, and mechanical failure.

Poorly Secured Loads and Truck Accidents

Poorly secured loads on trucks can come loose and fall over onto the road. This is especially dangerous when driving on highways or on congested city streets as other drivers can be crushed by or strike these fallen objects.

Truck Accidents and Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue refers to cases in which a truck driver is drowsy while behind the wheel, resulting in impaired reflexes and poor judgment. The chances of this happening are sadly quite high since truck drivers are often pushed to drive very long distances in limited amounts of time. A high-profile truck accident related to driver fatigue occurred last year, severely injuring actor/comedian Tracy Morgan and killing his friend and fellow comedian James McNair.

Truck Accident Due to Driver Distraction

Driver distraction refers to various instances in which a truck driver's attention is diverted from the road. This may be the result of cellphone use, rubbernecking, texting, and eating/drinking behind the wheel.

Truck Accidents Due to Poor Road Conditions

When roads are in bad shape, they pose a number of major dangers to all motorists. This is particularly true with large trucks, however. It's possible for major potholes or other road defects to contribute to a load coming loose or other serious kinds of incidents, resulting in multi-car collisions with other vehicles.

Truck Accidents Due to Poor Weather Conditions

Poor weather can similarly make driving a hazard to everyone on the road. Rain, snow, hail, and fog can make streets slippery and also reduce visibility, making serious injuries far more likely to occur. As with road conditions, weather can make certain kinds of accidents more likely, such as the aforementioned jackknife accident.

Truck Accidents and Issues with Vehicle Maintenance

Trucking companies often have fleets of trucks in place, and it's important that these trucks be regularly maintenanced to ensure that they are safe for drivers and others on the road. Poor maintenance of these vehicles can make an accident far more likely.

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