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Auto Accidents and Seniors: What Elderly Drivers Should Know By emachado on June 16, 2015

The aftermath of an auto accidentThe legal team at Rubin, Machado & Rosenblum is committed to helping the injured and their loved ones throughout the greater Chicago area. We understand that serious auto accidents can result in major injuries and can change people's lives, which is why we serve as strong advocates for the victims of major collisions.

There's a common misconception that elderly motorists are more likely to be involved in accidents or cause accidents. Let's consider these matters right now.

Are auto accidents more likely with elderly drivers?

While auto accident are not as likely with elderly drivers, that stereotype does exist and is persistent. In fact, the most likely age group that gets involved in auto accidents are teenagers and motorists in their twenties. This is often due to the sense of freedom behind the wheel and the propensity for young drivers to take unnecessary and even reckless risks.

Senior Drivers Tend to Be Safer Than Other Motorists

Despite the stereotypes that persist about elderly motorists, the fact of the matter is that elderly drivers tend to be safer than other drivers on the road. This is because elderly drivers take fewer risks (e.g., drunk driving), avoid potential hazards or dangerous driving conditions (e.g., poor weather, driving late at night), are more likely to have their vehicles regularly serviced, and tend to abide by all rules of the road.

Senior Drivers Are More Susceptible to Injury

Even though elderly drivers are generally safer motorists than younger drivers, they are still at risk of serious injury when involved in a collision. This is due to the effects of advanced age. Bones may be more brittle or susceptible to fractures and injury, joints may be stiff and more likely to be overextended, and an elderly person is simply not able to recover as quickly after an injury as they could when younger.

These are all important reasons why elderly drivers need to be as careful as possible when they are out on the road.

How to Stay Your Safest When Behind the Wheel

In order for elderly motorists to stay as safe as possible behind the wheel, we recommend the following:

  • Continue to abide by all rules of the road
  • Have your vehicle serviced regularly
  • Wear seat belts when driving or as a passenger
  • Check weather to ensure you drive in safe conditions
  • Avoid driving late at night or when tired
  • Attend regular physicals to monitor your wellness
  • Make sure vision prescriptions and hearing aids are up to date

An Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help You

If you or someone that you love has been injured in a serious auto accident, it's important that you have a skilled attorney on your side. By partnering with legal representatives, you will be able to receive the counsel you need to fight for damages to cover injuries, medical bills, and other losses that have been experienced as a result of the collision. Our team is here for you.

Speak with the Attorneys of Rubin, Machado & Rosenblum

For more information about your legal rights after a serious auto accident, be sure to contact our personal injury attorneys today. The legal team here at Rubin, Machado & Rosenblum will work closely with you to ensure that you receive expert legal counsel.

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