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Premises Liability: Is it the grocery store's fault that I fell? By emachado on October 01, 2015

When people fall, they are sometimes hesitant to pursue a settlement for their injuries.  You should not feel embarrassed!  If there was a condition that caused you to fall,contact an experienced slip and fall accident attorney today to help you recover for your injuries.      

Unlike car accidents, where the parties involved fill out a police report and a third-party investigation often occurs, in slip and fall accidents, the initial investigation is usually undertaken by the store owner or commercial entity where the incident occurred.  It is important that the person who falls (or their loved one) contact the premises owner to let them know what happened, in the event that they do not already know.  This is sometimes as informal as a phone call.  You can ask to fill out an accident report as well.  Your or your attorney can request that any and all evidence be preserved, including any and all video evidence of the fall.  

Identify what caused you to fall.  It is very difficult, if not impossible, to recover for your injuries if you are not able to identify what you fell on.  This is for a good reason.  Illinois law requires that liability for a person's injuries cannot be predicated upon surmise or conjecture as to the cause of the injury.  The legal concept of "proximate cause" can only be established when there is a reasonable certainty that the defendant's acts caused the injury.  Therefore, if you slipped on a banana at Jewel, you have to be able to identify it as such - or at a minimum - the details of what the substance looked like.  

Slip and fall injuries can be very serious involving fractured bones and head injuries.  These are not injuries that are healed overnight and require medical care and attention.  Many times, the injured person misses work, in unable to drive and unable to complete tasks around the house.  We encourage to to contact a Chicago personal injury attorney  today for a free evaluation to discuss your slip and fall case.  

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