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Burn Injury Lawyer

The road to recovery after a burn injury is made difficult by physical pain, emotional turmoil, and mounting expenses. 

burn injury lawyer at Rubin & Machado Ltd. in Chicago, IL, can help you recover the compensation you need to cope with these losses.

You can hold negligent parties accountable for serious burns. Learn how our injury attorneys can help.

Now Is The Time to Consult a Lawyer You Have Two Years to File an Injury Claim

In most injury cases, Illinois grants two years from the date of a burn to file a lawsuit. In the devastating aftermath of a serious burn, that time can pass very quickly. Don't let the window close on your opportunity to collect the compensation you need and deserve—request your free consultation with Rubin & Machado in Chicago today.

Our injury attorneys have helped clients collect millions for losses caused by negligent third parties, and they are prepared to fight for everything you are owed in your injury claim. If our attorneys take your injury case, you will pay nothing unless and until they win. With Rubin & Machado in your corner, you can focus on your physical and emotional recovery while we fight for justice on your behalf. If we don't collect a jury award or settlement for you, we charge nothing.

It's never too soon to put a dedicated lawyer in your corner. Reach out to us today to request your free case review with a leading Chicago personal injury firm. Send us a message online or call:

The attorneys at Rubin & Machado, Ltd.

A Record of Legal Success $3.5 Million Wrongful Death Settlement

Don't let the window close on your opportunity to collect the compensation you need and deserve—request your free consultation with Rubin & Machado today.

Proving That Burn Injuries Were Caused By Negligence

In order for a burn injury case to be successful, you must prove three important factors:

Duty of Care Was Breached 

This can include workplace safety regulations, driver responsibility, or medical standards. 

Direct Causation

There was a direct connection between another party's breach of duty and your burn injuries. 

Measurable Losses

This can include medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and future expenses related to the burn injury.

The Value of a Qualified Attorney

In order to secure compensation, you must prove that another's negligence contributed to your injury. The team at Rubin & Machado in Chicago has access to extensive resources and can pursue all possible avenues to uncover evidence that may establish fault. We will carefully investigate the scene of the accident, review medical documentation, and interview eyewitnesses to determine whether any number of factors, including defective products, caused your injuries.

We can provide you with sound counsel based on years of personal injury experience and can handle all the legal aspects of your injury while you focus on your recovery. 

We firmly believe that you have the right to receive compensation to cover the expenses and hardship you have already endured as well as those that can be expected in the future. Our Chicago attorneys will avidly fight on your behalf and strive to hold responsible parties accountable.

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Compensation Correlates to the Extent of Your Injuries

The more severe your burn injury, the more extensive your losses will be, and often, the more expensive it will be to accommodate your needs. For example, third-degree burns can require years of surgeries and recovery. The severity of your burn injury will determine the amount of compensation that you should be awarded.

You can depend on the Chicago burn injury attorneys of Rubin & Machado to pursue the compensation you truly need in order to cope with your overwhelming losses. While some firms may be all too willing to achieve a quick settlement, we are never willing to settle for anything less than what our clients deserve. If this means going to court, you can trust that our injury attorneys will create a compelling and fact-based case in favor of maximum compensation for you and your loved ones.

Why Chicago Trusts Rubin & Machado

We have collected millions for our clients.

Money cannot undo all the damage caused by a burn injury, but it can make it much easier to cope with your losses and ultimately move on with your life. The results Rubin & Machado have secured for clients in need speak for themselves. Our multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements have helped clients in dire need rebuild their lives.

Everyone can afford our help.

That's because our firm collects absolutely nothing unless your case is a success. Your initial consultation is free, and if we collect a jury award or settlement for you, we will collect a portion of those funds as our fee. There is no risk in consulting or hiring Rubin & Machado as your personal legal advocate.

We have spent decades practicing law.

When you combine the number of years our attorneys have spent advocating for clients in need, it totals more than a century. You can take comfort in knowing our attorneys not only have substantial legal knowledge, but also a degree of success for Chicago clients that has allowed them to lead long and prosperous careers in a highly competitive field.

Have You Suffered a Severe Burn? A Burn Injury Lawyer Can Help

Have you suffered a severe burn? Whether it's an electrical burn, a chemical burn, or thermal burn, you do not have to suffer in silence. The injury lawyers of Rubin & Machado can help. Our Chicago burn injury attorneys can be your voice and advocate.

Our injury lawyers have decades of combined legal experience and a record of multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. As a bilingual law firm, our burn injury lawyers can help clients who speak English or Spanish.

To speak with Chicago burn injury lawyers about your case, contact our law firm online. You can also call us today for a free consultation.

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The injury lawyers of Rubin & Machado can be your voice and your advocate.
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A burn injury can cause significant discomfort and require long-term care. Even a first-degree burn can adversely affect your health and well-being if it is not properly treated.

Life-Changing Symptoms & Consequences of Burn Injuries


Even minor burns can cause intense and long-lasting pain. The pain may also range from an isolated part of the body to several areas, depending on the extent of your injuries. Suffering through the pain of your burn injury can affect all aspects of your life, including sleep, and prevent you from being able to complete even the simplest of tasks.

Skin Damage

Depending on the severity of your burn injuries, your skin may become red, swell, blister, become charred and numb, and be left with serious disfigurement. For first- and second-degree burns, the skin can often be treated with special ointments. However, for third-degree burns, extensive treatments such as grafting or intravenous (IV) antibiotics and fluids may be necessary to repair the skin.

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Other Complications

Burn victims are often at risk of serious complications, including infections, fluid loss, and breathing problems. In some cases, these complications can even lead to death. You may also suffer a psychological impact, including anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which can affect you for years or even a lifetime.

The Type of Case You Pursue Often Depends on the Cause of Your Burns

Where and how you were burned will play a role in who can be held responsible for your injuries. Once that is determined, your case will typically fall into a category of personal injury law:

Based on the circumstances of the incident, your attorney can call on expert witnesses, recover necessary evidence, and develop the most effective strategy to pursue your case. Our Chicago team is well-versed in all areas of personal injury law and can be relied upon to serve your best interests. 

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Our Chicago burn injury lawyers have handled personal injury claims for decades, and we are equipped to handle even the most complex cases. We have represented burn victims who have been injured as a result of:

Based on the circumstances of the incident, your attorney can call on expert witnesses, recover necessary evidence, and develop the most effective strategy to pursue your case.
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