An Aviation Accident Lawyer Can Recover the Compensation You Deserve

Air travel in the United States is a very safe means of transportation, and is strictly regulated. Nonetheless, accidents do occur. If human negligence or equipment failure results in injury or death, you should file an aviation accident lawsuit. An aviation accident lawyer with Rubin & Machado, Ltd. in Chicago, IL, can provide the expert legal representation necessary to recover damages.

With their vast knowledge of the aviation industry, our attorneys can identify the negligent parties and demonstrate the full extent of your losses. While you and your family focus on healing, we will investigate the circumstances of the accident and fight for the restitution you deserve. Schedule your free consultation today.

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Air travel is considered very safe, but negligence can and does occur, resulting in devastating losses.

How the Aviation Industry is Regulated

Both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) oversee commercial and private aviation in the United States. The FAA strictly regulates the aviation industry by setting standards and enforcing regulations for pilot conduct, flight operations, and aircraft manufacturers. The NTSB investigates civil aircraft crashes to help prevent future accidents.

Victims need the legal representation of a knowledgeable aviation accident attorney who understands the laws that govern air travel.

Causes of Aviation Accidents

There are several factors that contribute to the safety of a flight. Pilot error is the most common cause of aviation accidents, followed by mechanical failure. Other causes of aviation accidents include:

  • Equipment failure
  • Structural, design, or manufacturing defects
  • Maintenance problems
  • Fueling errors
  • Air traffic controller oversight
  • Negligence on the part of airlines or airports employees
  • Inclement weather

Aviation Accident Lawsuits

Aviation accident lawsuits tend to be complex because they involve many bylaws under state, federal, and international law. There can be several defendants in these cases, including the United States government. The government becomes a defendant if the accident was caused by the negligence of a federal employee, such as an air traffic controller. Other accountable parties may include manufacturers, fuel suppliers, and maintenance companies.

Victims need the legal representation of a knowledgeable aviation accident attorney who understands the varied laws that govern air travel. The attorneys at Rubin & Machado have an intimate understanding of these laws, and can thoroughly illustrate where liability lies when aviation accidents occur.

Third Party Liability and Compensation

After an aviation accident involving a commercial plane, the airline’s insurance company typically contacts survivors or victims’ families and offer a settlement. The insurance company sometimes offers a cash advance to help with the costs resulting from the accident. Victims should be careful about accepting such offers before consulting with an attorney because accepting monetary compensation from an aviation insurer can have adverse consequences. If you sign a release that includes other potentially liable parties, you may be forfeiting claims against those other parties and may be unable to secure additional necessary compensation in the future.

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