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Defective medication

Product Liability Lawyer

When you buy a product, you expect it to be safe. But a defective product can cause serious injuries to you and your family.

The product liability lawyers at Rubin & Machado, Ltd. in Chicago, IL, can help you seek damages for injuries caused by flawed products.

Learn how our law firm can determine if the manufacturer or seller of a product that is defective can be held responsible for your injuries.

Are Injuries Caused by Defective Products Common?

Injured by a Defective Product? Get Our Chicago Product Liability Lawyers On Your Side

Our defective product and personal injury lawyers, Edward M. Rubin, Emilio E. Machado, Stephanie B. Rubin, and Craig N. Ettinger have extensive experience helping clients hurt by consumer products, medical devices, and drugs obtain millions of dollars in compensation for their injuries. Mr. Rubin and Mr. Machado alone have over 70 years of combined product liability claim experience.

Retaining our product liability attorneys will bring the full resources of our Chicago law firm to your product liability claim. If a loved one was killed by a product that was defective, we can file a wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf, as well.

If an injury has been sustained due to a dangerous product, request a free consultation ASAP using our online form or by calling us. Let us work for you so you can concentrate on healing.

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"Mr. Rubin and Mr. Machado have over 70 years of combined product liability claim experience alone."

The Facts About Product Liability Cases

Every year, thousands of American consumers are seriously injured or killed by consumer products that have a defect due to a manufacturer's negligence. From gas barbecues, household items, motor vehicles, and child safety seats to medical devices and dangerous drugs, products with serious design flaws, substandard workmanship, and improper labeling continue to enter the marketplace due to negligence.

When a consumer is injured using a product or drug as it is intended, the manufacturer or others along the manufacturing and retail chain may be legally liable. These injuries can occur anywhere, including while driving, at school, at the office, or while shopping in a retail store.

Were you hurt by a product that was defective? Contact our Chicago law firm for a free consultation regarding product liability.

A Successful Defective Product Trial Settlement

Our Chicago product liability lawyers successfully settled a case during trial in Charleston County, IL, for a client who was paralyzed after being injured by a dangerous product.

The client worked at a paper processing company. He ended up paralyzed when a coworker tipped an extremely heavy pallet onto him.

Our product liability attorney brought the suit under a product liability theory against the manufacturer and designer of the pallet.

The financial compensation can not be disclosed due to a confidentiality agreement.

The Facts About Dangerous Drugs

Dangerous prescription and over-the-counter medications are, unfortunately, among the most common defective products that reach the market. In many cases, these drugs are FDA-approved medications that have been pushed through the approval process without adequate testing for long-term side effects, causing immense, sometimes irreparable damage to patients.

In other cases, natural herbs and medications sold in health food stores have bypassed the FDA-approval process altogether and undergone no safety testing. Our product liability lawyers understand the devastation that these defective medical products can bring. They have many years of experience in pharmaceutical law, including experience with litigation tied to Vioxx ®, Celebrex®, Bextra®, Baycol®, and drugs containing valsartan, a recalled high blood pressure medication.

If a prescribed or herbal drug caused you to become injured or sick, contact our Chicago law firm today for a free consultation about product liability.

A Successful Dangerous Drug Settlement


Our attorneys settled a case in Cook County, IL, against an international drug manufacturer of a cholesterol medication. The drug was prescribed to our client, an elderly man, after he underwent heart surgery. Unfortunately, the medication caused his kidneys to fail, so he will need dialysis for the rest of his life. The client's financial compensation can not be disclosed due to a confidentiality agreement.

I've Been Injured by a Product With a Defect How Long Do I Have to Contact Your Product Liability Lawyers?

The personal injury statute of limitations in Illinois is two years from the date you were injured.

Yes, You Have Two Years But Time is Of the Essence

It is important to contact our Chicago law firm about your potential product liability case as quickly as possible. This will ensure that facts are fresh in your mind, as well as the minds of any witnesses, and allow us to start our investigations immediately. Chances are good that the defense is already building a case to exonerate them of any wrongdoing should you file a claim.

Product liability can be attributed to the item's manufacturer, designer, distributor, and retailer. The sooner our attorneys can look into whether a breach of warranty occurred because of product defects, any dangerous short cuts were taken during the manufacturing process in order to save money, or that product instructions were incorrectly written, the sooner we can start building a case and aim for a positive financial outcome for you or a loved one.

4 Reasons to Choose Our Personal Liability Lawyers

No Upfront Fees

We work on contingency, meaning you do not directly pay us any money for our services. A percentage will be taken from your financial verdict or settlement to cover our fees. If you don't receive compensation, neither do we, so we are motivated to win.

Multilingual Staff

Our attorneys are fluent in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language, so your questions and concerns will be heard and answered correctly and honestly.

Creative Legal Services

Our product liability attorneys use innovative legal approaches to achieve the most favorable claims for our clients in the greater Chicago area. 

Successful Settlements

Our attorneys have obtained multi-million dollar recoveries for clients injured by products with defects using their decades of top-level legal experience.

"It is important to contact our Chicago law firm about your potential product liability case as quickly as possible. This will ensure that facts are fresh in your mind, as well as the minds of any witnesses, and allow us to start our investigations immediately."
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