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Truck Accident Lawyer

Pursuing compensation after a truck accident can be a tortuous journey when victims face off against savvy trucking and insurance companies.

The truck accident lawyers at Rubin & Machado, Ltd. have won millions for clients. They can help you achieve justice.

Commercial truck accidents are complex. Request a free consultation with our truck accident attorneys in Chicago, IL.

Does the Other Side Want to “Talk?” Don't.

If you are approached by representatives of an insurance or trucking company after an accident, don't speak to them and do not accept a settlement without first talking to the truck accident lawyers at Rubin & Machado in Chicago.

These early offers are generally an attempt to get you to accept a settlement that is smaller than what you deserve. In fact, we recommend you do not discuss any aspects of the accident with representatives of the other side until after you've spoken with a lawyer who is willing to look out for your interests. Otherwise, you may unwittingly compromise your chances of achieving the outcome you truly deserve.

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"Fortunately, our firm offers free consultations, so you have nothing to lose by meeting us to determine if our lawyers are the right ones to handle your case."

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We have attorneys that are fluent in Spanish and also American Sign Language. We are one of only a handful of multilingual Chicago firms handling catastrophic injury cases. Si necesita ayuda en español, visite nuestro sitio en Español.

Truck Accidents Are Complex. You Need a Lawyer.

A collision with a large truck, such as a tractor-trailer, is usually devastating. Trucking accidents upend lives and bring financial hardship as medical bills pile up. The financial stress increases if the victim is also a breadwinner.  

But what many people fail to realize is how complex a commercial truck accident case can be. The complications arise because of the number of people and companies involved. In addition to the truck driver, you may also be challenging major players in the trucking industry and truck manufacturers as well.

Each of them will be trying to deny liability or lowball your compensation. And since they deal with truck accident claims regularly, they have plenty of practice in making sure they pay as little as possible. You owe it to yourself to enlist the help of a dedicated legal advocate. 

We Won't Settle for Less Than Justice

The size and weight of commercial trucks can result in especially devastating accident repercussions. We will calculate your losses and will not settle for less than what you truly need and deserve.




Seek Just Compensation
for Your Suffering

The Chicago truck accident lawyers at Rubin & Machado are familiar with tactics that negligent parties frequently use in truck accident lawsuits. Our lawyers will carefully sift through the evidence and follow the paper trails to uncover all the potential culprits and prove liability.

Our detailed methodology is designed to maximize your compensation and protect your economic future. We have a proven track record of favorable settlements and verdicts. Let our hands-on lawyers shoulder the burden so you can focus on recovery.

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Our lawyers at Rubin & Machado
"We have a proven track record of favorable settlements and verdicts."

Don't Let Justice Slip Away

You Have a Limited Time to Seek Compensation

The statute of limitations is the period in which you can make a claim for compensation. If the time limit passes without the filing of a lawsuit, you lose your right to make a claim or collect compensation.

In Illinois, a victim has two years to start a claim unless special circumstances exist. If only property damages are being sought, you have up to five years to file a claim.

That may seem like ample time. However, truck accident victims can also fall victim to delaying tactics by insurers or other parties aimed at running out the clock.

There are also situations in which the statute of limitations changes, in some cases giving you a smaller window of time to seek justice. Our Chicago truck accident lawyers understand the finer points of the statute of limitations and will make sure actions are taken within the right time frame in order to help you achieve justice.

Some cases in which the statute of limitations changes:

  • If a trucking accident involves a local governmental entity, such as a city or county truck, the statute of limitations is one year from the date of the crash.
  • If a child under the age of 18 was involved in an accident, they have until their 20th birthday to file suit. If the accident involved a local government truck, the deadline is the child’s 19th birthday.
"Our truck accident lawyers can make sure your legal rights are protected."

Frequently Asked Questions About Truck Accidents

If you or someone you love has been injured in a semi-truck accident, we understand that you are facing overwhelming uncertainties and have many questions about your rights and your future. The very best way to get the answers you need is to request a consultation with our attorneys in Chicago. Until then, we have provided answers to some of the urgent questions victims face:

How long do I have to file a personal injury suit?

In Illinois, you have two years from the time of the truck accident to file a personal injury suit. The sooner you speak to an attorney at our Chicago firm to determine if you have a case, the better. Evidence only becomes more difficult to collect as time passes.

Should I give up on a lawsuit if I think I am partially responsible for the truck accident?

No. In Illinois, the principle of modified comparative negligence applies. That means that if you are less than 50% responsible for the accident, you can still file suit. To put it simply, if an accident resulted in losses valued at $10,000, and you are determined to be 20% at fault, you can still collect $8,000 (80% of the damages). Our Chicago firm can illustrate exactly how much responsibility the other party holds in your case so you can collect everything to which you are entitled.

The truck driver was obviously to blame for my truck accident. Why do I need an injury lawyer?

First, your injury lawyer will be able to calculate the true extent of your losses—including those related to injuries you may not yet know you have—so you aren't shortchanged by a lowball settlement. Second, you can be certain that the trucking company or other entity will have ample legal defense that can easily twist your words or portray you as being partially responsible. An attorney will know these tactics and how to prevent them from hurting your case. Fortunately, our Chicago firm offers free consultations, so you have nothing to lose by meeting us to determine if our truck accident lawyers are the right ones to handle your case.

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